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IGGPRA April May Newsletter

2017MayJuneNewsletterPPlease read out latest newsletter- more info coming soon

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IGGPRA Chili Cook-Off

For most people who make chili, it’s a passion. It’s as richly steeped in ritual and tradition as it is herbs and spices. And cooking it is only half as much fun as sharing it. For the rest, tasting chili is a treat and the opportunity to sample several is a rare pleasure.

The second annual IGGPRA Chili Cook-Off to be held April 30, 2017 from 4 p.m. – 8 p.m. at the Terra Mia Vineyards will give both chefs and samplers an opportunity to do both. This competition is fun and different because

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CAWG Webinar: Joint Liability – Growers and Farm Labor Contractors

Tuesday, APRIL 25 from 10-11 A.M. – Register Here!

For generations, growers have used farm labor contractors (FLCs) to supply workers when needed for various vineyard tasks. While the FLC has primary employer responsibilities, various legal decisions and legislation – such as AB 1897 – now make the grower jointly liable for issues such as unpaid wages, H-2A visa programs, MSPA and worker transportation, and worker safety and workers compensation insurance. It is increasingly critical for growers to have an understanding of the liability shared, and the need to evaluate and monitor their FLCs on compliance issues. The webinar is presented by Lupe Sandoval, managing director of the California Farm Labor Contractor Association.
Learn more about:

* Understanding joint liability
* Factors that increase the potential for joint liability claims
* Legal requirements and best practices to manage joint liability

* Resources to managing joint liability

Please note: Any vineyard management company that provides workers to a grower or other entity, is, by law, a farm labor contractor and must be licensed by the Department of Labor Standards Enforcement.

Seminar Presentation Now Available in Members Section of IGGPRA website

This will be short and sweet. IGGPRA recently added a new page in the member section of the website which contains the presentations made at our Seminars. We will continue to do this and add presentations from the past as we get time.

This feature is available to members only and you must log in to be able to see that page. The link is in the left side menu near the bottom

For all members who have not yet renewed your IGGPRA membership you can renew at the same member page, but you should hurry because as of 4/1/17 your ability to log in will be removed and you will have to renew through the “regular” join IGGPRA method. Our you can just call (805-591-4204) or email ( and we will temporarily reactivate your account.

Lowell Zelinski
IGGPRA President


Reminder about Irrigation Survey and our March – April Newsletter


A couple of weeks ago I asked if you could help a student of mine with her thesis work on irrigation management systems. She needed 100 completed surveys and is just 20 away. If you haven’t already responded please do so by clicking on the link below. (You may have to copy and paste the link – I’m not sure) Thank you in advance for helping her out!



Additionally, our bi-monthly newsletter in its electronic form is linked to below.

Please let me know what you think of the newsletter and how you would like to receive it by emailing me:



We have a seminar this Wednesday: click here to sign up


BUD BREAK SOON – Are you ready?

Lowell Zelinski
IGGPRA President 2017


Membership March-April Newsletter

Not only is the IGGPRA Board committed to the grape growing education of our membership, we are also concerned about the risks you face from Mother Nature, grape vine diseases, pests, winery broken contracts and failure of labor contractors to meet health and safety rules for their workers. ALL of these risks can cost you $$$, if you are not informed. In 2017, we are making every effort to bring the necessary speakers and information to our 8 Practical Grape Growing Seminars. Here are some of the plans we are working on and encourage you to not only attend the seminars, but also suggest to us topics that may not be included.

Mother Nature — frost control, dust, weeds
Diseases — Red Blotch, Eutypa, — Labs, USDA $
Pests — various speakers on bugs, vertebrates, birds
Winery payments – CDFA presentation in July for resolution of late payments
Labor Contractors health and safety violations — March seminar will address this, as well as other seminars later in the year

Keep your eyes open for these topics and others on our website. The grape growing business has become more complex and risky, but we are committed to keep you informed of what you can do.
Best Regards
Joe Irick

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Growers – What varieties do you grow.

Wineries need to know where they can buy different grape varieties, especially local Paso Robles AVA grown ones. Your grower organization is helping to promote the grapes that you grow!

IGGPRA has just launched a special web page that highlights the grapes that you grow.

IGGPRA members log into your area on our website and update your listing as to which varieties you grow – help wineries find you

Associate members – a page for you is coming soon (this week?) – where you can list your services and visitors (members) can find who provides these services. I will need your help – the categories do not currently exist – but I can create them. Email me – and I will add your suggestions!

Keep in mind – IGGPRA is the largest Wine Grower organization in the Central Coast – and is here to serve you! – any suggestions are welcome. Email any Board Member  for a direct voice to your organization!

The Preliminary California Grape Crush Report for 2016

Grape Crush Numbers up for 2016

The 2016 crush totaled 4,196,723 tons, up 8.5 percent from the 2015 crush of 3,868,459 tons. Red wine varieties accounted for the largest share of all grapes crushed, at 2,255,300 tons, up 10.5 percent from 2015. The 2016 white wine variety crush totaled 1,745,490 tons, up 4.9 percent from 2015. Tons crushed of raisin type varieties totaled 98,205, up 6.2 percent from 2015, and tons crushed of table type varieties totaled 97,729, up 38.3 percent from 2015. The Final report will be out March 10, 2017 at 12:00 p.m. PST.

Click Here for the complete preliminary report. Here is a link to the California Grape Pricing Districts.

What’s happening at IGGPRA this month

Short notes on upcoming IGGPRA and local industry events that you may want to know about!

Visit the IGGPRA website for information about your organization. Take advantage of the IGGPRA marketplace where you can post grapes, bulk wine and other items for sale.

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Election for Board of Directors, Approval of By-Laws amendments and Adoption of IGGPRA Policies will be occurring very shortly. Please remember to vote! A mailed ballot will arrive shortly as well as an email ballot. You can also vote at our Membership Annual Meeting on February 23. Click here for more details.

You also get an agenda for the Annual Meeting by email shortly.

Associate Member Events (This will become a regular feature)

On Wednesday, February 8, 2017 Wilson Orchard and Vineyard Supply will be hosting Infaco USA, a leading manufacturer of battery operated pruners and tying machines, for a customer demonstration day in Paso Robles, CA. We will have Simon Rodrigues, Infaco International Technical Sales Manager, at our store so that he can answer any questions on machines you have, are interested in purchasing, or assist you with training your operators. We invite you to stop by and see what Infaco products can do for you like increasing efficiency, labor savings and decreasing worker injuries. We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday. (77 Marquita Ave. Paso Robles, CA 93446)
If you are a grower your Pesticide Use Permit and / or your Private Applicator License may have expired on January 1. Check your records and renew them prior to needing to buy chemicals this year.
The Regional Water Quality Control Board has new regulations for you to follow this year. These include well testing, eNOI updating, and increased fees for surface water quality monitoring. More info soon in an upcoming blog post.