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Water Board Update – Nitrogen Trade Secret

The Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board (CCWB) has determined that there is no trade secret protection from the disclosure of information contained in the Total Nitrogen Applied Reports (TNA) filed by some Tier 2 and Tier 3 growers.

The decision comes out of a public records act request for all TNA reports, including from those operations that say the information contained in their total nitrogen applied report is proprietary. Those filing reports were then given the opportunity to justify their trade secret claim regarding their 2014 and/or 2015 TNA report.

The Central Coast Water Board sent notification letters accepting additional justifications until January 13, 2016. CCWB staff and legal counsel are currently reviewing the justifications and will determine whether the justification meets the requirements for a trade secret. The determination is expected by January 20, 2016. Notification letters regarding whether or not CCWB will be withholding any information from the TNA report as a trade secret or will release all data (with any records containing trade secrets redacted) will be sent to the requesting party by January 29, 2016.