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The Wine Grape Growing Industry Classifieds section of the online IGGPRA Marketplace connects over 200 Paso Robles, California AVA wine grape industry members with available and wanted wine grape growing and winemaking equipment. The listings include resources such as bins, trellises, irrigation equipment, pumps, or barrels for the growing and winemaking of Sangiovese, Viognier, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Syrah and many more Central Coast, California grapes.

Macro bins needed

August 23, 2020
Black Diamond Vermicompost

We are on the search for up to 10 macro bins - the solid 24S type. PLEASE contact me if you have any you can part with. Our budget is $100 ea, so I know they may be a bit beat up. This is fine, if they can still be forklifted and are not too badly cracked. If they leak, that's ok. If you have less than 10, that's ok! We'll take them! We are happy to trade too. We produce the finest vermicompost and vermicompost biologically active liquid fertilizer on the central coast! Call Cristy Christie at 805.674.0194. Thank you for reading this!
Phone: (805) 674-0194


July 24, 2020
Peacock Ridge Vineyard & Winery

I was wondering if anyone has implemented a commercial grade automated irrigation system? Love any input. Most I have looked at look like they were developed in 1964. Appreciate any help. I need a system that can support 26 zones.
Phone: (805) 400-8568

Atascadero Drone Services

July 2, 2020
Atascadero Drone Services

Vineyard Aerial Inspections Get detailed crop information within 24 hours of Drone Operations. This a service I have been developing specifically for Vineyard Crop Management. We create detailed high resolution maps. You can view your entire crop at once or zoom down to the foot. I have detailed information on my website about my operation and what it means for you.
Phone: (805) 464-1013