Independent Grape Growers - Paso Robles Area
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About IGGPRA And Paso Robles Wine Grapes

IGGPRA Mission Statement

The Independent Grape Growers of the Paso Robles Area promotes growing high quality wine grapes through education, networking and access to farming resources.

Our Core Beliefs

Promote sustainable agriculture, respect for our natural resources and the production of high quality wine grapes through grower education and cooperative interaction

Provide a forum for the review of issues affecting wine grape farmers and the wine industry, as well as afford networking opportunities to grower members and associates.

Facilitate and encourage ongoing education and skills in the development of Viticulture throughout the Central Coast, via information sharing, fundraisers, seminars and other related activities.

Act as ambassadors for the overall success of the Central Coast Wine Industry, through collaboration with complimentary grower and wine associations, along with Civic and Government Offices.

By Paso Robles Wine Grape Growers, For Paso Robles Wine Grape Growers

The founding goal of IGGPRA is "growers helping growers." While each member has his or her individual philosophies and methods for wine grape growing, all benefit from the open exchange of ideas and industry information which affects every Paso Robles wine grape grower, such as state and federal government issues, vineyard technology improvements, techniques for planting, growing and harvesting, labor issues and industry trends.

Information is provided for members each month through social events, seminars, workshops and newsletters. The IGGPRA website serves as a repository for this timely and significant information.

Please contact any one of our board members if you have something you would like to share with our members, or if you would like to become a member.