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Red Barn Winery, LLC

Contact: Mike Manning
Phone: (724) 263-8123
Tasting: Red Barn Winery, LLC offers tastings, glasses, bottles, events, and creative fulfillment of customer requests.

Red Barn Winery. LLC is a winery located in an eastern suburb of Pittsburgh, PA. The winery is located in a barn built in the 1860s and remodeled in the 1950s to accommodate a community theater. Covid shut the Theater down in 2020 until it was remodeled and improved for a 2022 re-opening to include a Pennsylvania licensed winery. This unique property maintains the stage and theater seating for live performances and has a winery on the ground floor and outdoor areas. We make wines from the best grapes grown in the best regions of the United States. The wine produced from these grapes provides an opportunity to share the story of the people, the products, and the beauty of each region.


Red Barn Winery, LLC sources grapes from various regions special to the owner of the winery. Business travel exposed him to several interesting grape growing regions throughout the United States and we promote these regions by purchasing grapes and making wine that represents the best of each region. Red Barn Winery, LLC maintains a rotating inventory of a variety of wines that allows customers to have choices when they come visit. The wines that are available are based on the grapes purchased. The grapes purchased depend on several factors including the relationship with the grower, the varietal, the quality of the grape, and availability.