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Fundraiser: Operation School Bell FALL 2024

September 30, 2024


We are opening this page for our Fall Operation School Bell Fundraiser as there has been some interest in donating early.  All donations through this form will be used in the Fall to clothe disadvantaged children.


IGGPRA recognizes we are only as strong as those in our community.  Therefore, we invite our members to participate in a fundraiser to support Operation School Bell with the Assistance Leagure of San Luis Obispo County.

Operation School Bell provides school-appropriate cltohing, school supplies, a book, and a dental kit to children in need locally.  Their goal is to instill the confidence needed to succeed in school.  Chosed children are privided a budget to use at Kohl's and a shopping assistant to ensure they get appropriate items for themselves, usually starting with a pair of shoes.  Students in grades K-5 recieve $120 and graders 6-12 receive $200 each.


In 2023, Operation School Bell clothed approximately 2,100 children in the County.  Over 500 of them came from Agriculture families.  Assistance League of SLO County has authorized IGGPRA donations to Operation School Bell to be focused on Paso Robles children of agriculture families.  That means more of our kids in Ag will benefit from IGGPRA contributions. Almost half the children in our schools fall below the family poverty level and higher than that are children of the farm workers we depend on in the vineyards. Virtually all of our vineyard farm workers are at or below the poverty level. That often means their children will go to school in clothing that is either old or socially inconsistent with other children their age. This can foster a lack of self confidence, isolation, and poor grades.


What Does This Mean for IGGPRA Members?

IGGPRA will be collecting donations from members like you to donate to the Assistance League for Operation School Bell with the express request that our donation stay in the Paso Robles area for agricultural workers' children attending George H. Flamson or Daniel E. Lewis middle schools.  IGGPRA by-laws do not allow our organization to spend funds that don’t directly benefit our members.  But virtually every worker that goes into our vineyards is living below the poverty line and that is why we ask you to join us in donating to this important organization.  


Our Goal is.... we will let you know.  We collected $3,500 in the Spring.  Can we do better?  Donate and find out!


How To Donate

Click REGISTER below.  By purchasing "tickets" for this event, you will be making a donation for Operation School Bell.  You can select multiple tickets to create the sum of your choosing.  For example, if you would like to donate $100, you can purchase two $50 tickets.  

You may also send a check to IGGPRA if that is easier for you.  Address the check to IGGPRA and add "Operation School Bell" on the memo line.

Our mailing address is:

IGGPRA, PO Box 559. Paso Robles, CA 93447

Learn more about the program here:


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