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Operation School Bell Fundraiser Success

April 3, 2024

After our success last year in raising money for Operation School Bell, we set an even higher goal for this year.  We wanted to collect $3,000 in donations by 3/31/24.  After a few last-minute donations, we now have collected $3,550!!! 


A BIG thank you to our 20 members and even 2 non-members who contributed to this great program to clothe disadvantaged children.  We have concluded our Spring campaign, but if you would like to contribute for the next fundraiser to Operation School Bell in the Fall, we are going to leave a donation button available here.  Any donation you make starting April 1, 2024 will be included in the Fall campaign.

Why Operation School Bell?

Almost half the children in our schools fall below the family poverty level and higher than that are children of the farm workers we depend on in the vineyards. Virtually all of our vineyard farm workers are at or below the poverty level. That often means their children will go to school in clothing that is either old or socially inconsistent with other children their age. The effect is a lack of self confidence, isolation and poor grades.

The Assistance League of SLO County has a great program for providing many of these children with NEW clothes, dental kits, school supplies, and age appropriate books. The children are chosen by their teachers and each is taken to Kohl's, with their parents, to meet a shopping guide and choose up to $200 worth of new shoes and clothes. Follow up reviews with teachers have shown dramatic results with improvement in social skills, participation, and grades.


We owe it to our hard working farm workers to help their children succeed in school.


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