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May 20 Seminar Recap

May 20, 2020

Submitted by Tom Taylor

Amy Breschini from the County of San Luis Obispo Agricultural Commission delivered a stellar review of the laws and regulations regarding pesticide handling and safety including 2020 updates, recent inspection results and insights, and new California enforcement guidelines.  This was followed Dan Rodriguez, PCA and proprietor of Vina Quest with a deep dive into powdery mildew life cycle, recommendations for 2020 mildew suppressing products and application schedule, as well as cultural practices such as leaf thinning.  We were informed that 2020 mildew pressures are high, mildew reproduction is temperature driven, and under the right conditions the mildew fungus can replicate every three days.  A recording of the seminar is available here. Access Password: 5X!5&d8t

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